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Ashtanga Yoga + the Menstrual Cycle

Ladies of Ashtanga, I’d like to address a red-hot topic. It’s a little controversial as it’s not something that is really spoken of much in our community yet. I have wanted to speak about this for some time but honestly, I have felt cautious to do so.

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Ashtanga Mysore Style, Demystified

Taking the plunge from your weekly Ashtanga class into Mysore Self Practice can be daunting. Once experienced, the beauty of the Mysore room can be felt for oneself but for some of us, it can take many years to try it out for the first time.

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5 Ways Yoga Improved my Relationship with My Body

I have been practicing yoga regularly for over 12 years and teaching for 7 years. Over this time I have evolved from a young to venturing towards middle age woman. And in this time my relationship towards my body has improved dramatically.

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Sun Salutation ‘B’ Guided Video

Here is my guided video for Sun Salutation ‘B’. This is the second Sun Salutation we do in the Ashtanga sequence. As you can see its longer and more complex than Sun Salutation ‘A’. Here are 5 things to know about Sun Salutation ‘B’

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Sun Salutation ‘A’ Guided Video

I wanted to make these blogs informative and practical so I have made short video’s of the first two Sun Salutations (A +B) in the Ashtanga sequence. So what things are important to know about Sun Salutation A?

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