Hello Again!

Here is my guided video for Sun Salutation ‘B’. This is the second Sun Salutation we do in the Ashtanga sequence. As you can see its longer and more complex than Sun Salutation ‘A’.

Here are 5 things to know about Sun Salutation ‘B’

  1. There are 17 Vinyasa in Sun Salutation ‘B’
  2. There are 2 new postures added into the sequence ‘Utkatasana’ and Virabhadrasana ‘A’ both of which we repeat twice throughout the sequence
  3. We repeat Chatauranga three times in Sun Salutation ‘B’!
  4. We repeat Sun Salutation ‘B’ 3-5 times
  5. As for Sun Salutation ‘A’ each movement has its own corresponding breath.

This sequence is more challenging than Sun Salutation ‘A’ due to the extra postures. Take it slowly and add extra breaths if you need it to begin with. Rest when you need to rest.


Sophie x
"Sophie teaches Mysore at Yoga West, which I also attend. I have practiced Mysore with a number of teachers in various countries but my experience of practicing with Sophie is perhaps the best. She is hugely friendly and energetic off the mat but serious and very attentive without being intrusive on the mat. My Mysore and indeed my yoga practice has benefited hugely from her teaching and I look forward to continuing to practice with her"

James - Yoga Studio Owner

"Sophie's immense experience and passion for yoga are evident through her teaching. Her led Ashtanga classes are always challenging with a focus on building strength whilst encouraging a deep steady breath. She tries to give students a Mysore practice experience in led classes by giving individual instruction to students. Sophie's Mysore self-practice classes are a special experience. She patiently encourages her students to advance their practice by deepening postures and exploring new asana. My personal practice continues to transform through regular practice under Sophie's teaching."


"Sophie has been my Ashtanga yoga teacher since 2012. At the time I was not looking specifically to follow the Ashtanga path; I just wanted some yoga to improve flexibility, but Sophie’s infectious enthusiasm captured me. Sophie’s approach is always fun and friendly and is supported by her own continued learning. Through example and encouragement, she has a way of making attainable what might at first seem impossible. In Sophie’s classes, her attention to detail is respectful of the tradition without being fanatical. Her adjustments are always adapted to ‘where I am’ on the path – you get one-to-one teaching even in a group setting. I feel privileged and lucky to have ‘accidentally’ become one of Sophie’s pupils and friends, and would encourage anyone who wants to get better acquainted with their bodies to give Sophie a try."


"Sophie is a wonderful teacher with a clear passion for yoga. Her classes have the perfect balance between discipline and focus on the practice and fun. Sophie demonstrates the depth of her knowledge and experience in many ways but most notably through her instruction of the class, the adjustments that she makes and the alternatives that she offers to progress specific postures or to address different levels of strength and flexibility as well as any injuries. Learning from Sophie is very enjoyable and you really feel your practice develop over time because, even in a busy class, Sophie provides a great deal of individual instruction. Highly recommended!"


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