Embrace: A course for women

Begins Thursday 24th January, 2019

Embrace is a course for women who want to feel connected and confident in the body they have. Who want to be best friends with themselves so that putting their needs first feels natural and free from guilt.

This practical 6-week journey is with a small group of women which is supportive and empowering. We will play with movement, meditation, self-enquiry, and journaling to make this course an embodied experience with practical tools you can use every day.

You’ll learn to….

  • Leave your old body story behind
  • Develop a healthy relationship with yourself
  • Feel empowered to give yourself what you need every day
  • Discover the power and freedom of living your life as a cyclic being
  • Connect with your body with movement and dance
  • Learn different embodiment practices
  • Clarify your personal boundaries and learn how to maintain them
  • Embody you exactly as you are with deeper clarity and connection
  • Step out into the world as the powerful woman you are to share your unique gifts

What we will cover…

Week 0: Introduction and Intention

  • Introductions
  • Sharing our agreements
  • Setting your intention

Week 1: My Body Story 

  • What is your current body story?
  • Understand the impact this has on you and how you show up in the world
  • Write your new body story
  • • Learn embodiment practices to connect to your body

Week 2: Self Care

  • What is ‘self care’ and why is it so important for your vitality and health?
  • Discover the power of putting your needs first
  • Learn and integrate new self care practices that support you

Week 3: Creative Centre and Cycle

  • Discover your womb connection and menstrual cycle awareness
  • Get to know yourself as a cyclical being
  • Learn your inner seasons so that you can live in alignment with them

Week 4: Body Connection

  • Connect to your body with movement and dance
  • Listen to the intuition of your body, what she wants and needs
  • Choose your short daily movement practice

Week 5: Boundaries

  • Learn about boundaries and why are they important
  • Discover your own personal boundaries
  • Practice maintaining your boundaries in the world

Week 6: Celebration

  • Upgrade to your new story
  • Celebration ceremony
  • Sisterhood…what’s next?


Course Format

  • Small group of up to 12 for an intimate and potent learning experience
  • Up to 90 minute group Q&A sessions with Sophie on Thursday at 7.30pm (UTC)
  • All sessions are recorded so you can listen anytime and repeat
  • Facebook group for sharing, feedback and celebrating
  • Weekly ‘exercises’ to practice what you learn each week
  • Recorded meditations to keep
  • Email support between sessions


We will begin on Thursday, January 2019 7.30pm GMT. Calls will be recorded in case you have to miss one.
Thursday 24th January Week 1: Introduction and Intention
Thursday 31st January Week 2: Our Body Story
Thursday 7th February Week 3: Self Care Comes First
Thursday 14th February Week 4: Living a cyclic life
Thursday 21st February Week 5: Creating Healthy Boundaries
Thursday 28th February Week 6: Celebration!!

Course Price

£95.00 (Early Bird until 4th Jan 2019)
£125 Thereafter

About Sophie

I’m passionate about helping people to feel at home in your body and I particularly love working with those with female bodies from 20 years upwards. I bring years of experience working with teenagers in schools and women in all phases of their life and I’ve spent many years on my own personal development as a yoga teacher, coach, and woman.

I have a tonne of passion to help women get connected to their bodies, their own inner wisdom and other women around them. For me, building a healthy relationship with myself, my body and with other women has been the game changer and I want to empower you to enjoy these gifts so women can lift each other up and change the world around us for the better. As the saying goes, the future is female!

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