I’m passionate about helping people to feel at home in the body they have and I particularly love working with those in female bodies. I have spent many years on my own personal development as a yoga teacher, coach and woman.

I bring years of experience of working with people of all ages from teenagers in school to women at all phases of their life. I really love working with women from 20’s upwards. I have a tonne of passion to help get women get connected to their bodies, with their own inner wisdom and with other women around them.

For me, building a healthy relationship with myself, my body and with other women has been a total game changer and I want to empower you to find these same gifts so we can keep lifting each other up and change the world around us for the better. As the saying goes, the future is female.

Whether it’s through Yoga, Coaching or both of these tools I am excited to start our journey together!

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