About Sophie Empowerment of the individual through the practice of Yoga

I have been practising yoga for the past fifteen years and have been teaching full time since 2009. I have studied at KPJAYI in India a number of times and have been blessed to teach by Sharath Jois with Level 1 Authorisation.

My main influence is in the tradition of Ashtanga Vinyasa, however, I have recently gained insight and inspiration from studying with Alaric Newcome, senior certified Iyengar yoga teacher. I have a passion for alignment precision in the practice and also treating each person and their body individually.

I maintain a regular personal yoga practice and make ongoing studies a priority both for the benefit of my self and my students.

My Journey

My passion for yoga lies in empowering others to connect with their bodies. By doing so in a more intimate way we create a healthier relationship with our selves.

We learn how to move in a natural way – the way our bodies ask us to. We come to understand on a deeper level what energises and supports us and what depletes and challenges the natural flow.

By building our own yoga practice we begin to develop a close and healthy relationship with our bodies and minds.

A yoga practice is not just about being on our yoga mat, it can also support us in our everyday life. The more in tune we are with our selves, the more we can influence our diet, personal relationships, work life and our overall wellbeing.

Yoga, like anything is a journey.  A journey of creating a more balanced life.

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