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Sun Salutation ‘A’ Guided Video

Hello! and welcome to my very first blog for my brand new website!

I wanted to make these blogs informative and practical so I have made short video’s of the first two Sun Salutations (A +B) in the Ashtanga sequence.

So what things are important to know about Sun Salutation A?

  1. There are 9 Vinyasa (breath led movements) in total in Sun Salutation ‘A’
  2. Each movement has its own corresponding inhalation or exhalation.
  3. We complete 5 Sun Salutation ‘A’ at the beginning of the Ashtanga sequence
  4. There are many other ‘types’ of Sun Salutation but ‘A’ and ‘B’ as they are known are specific to the Ashtanga Vinyasa System
  5. If you cannot do the ‘push up’ part of the Sun Salutation. You can easily modify by letting your knees come to the floor (I will post a video on how to modify this Sun Salutation soon!

Enjoy your practice!

Sophie x

Posted: 30th Jun 2016 / Yoga News / By Sophie Cleere

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