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Sun Salutation ‘B’ Guided Video

Hello Again!

Here is my guided video for Sun Salutation ‘B’. This is the second Sun Salutation we do in the Ashtanga sequence. As you can see its longer and more complex than Sun Salutation ‘A’.

Here are 5 things to know about Sun Salutation ‘B’

  1. There are 17 Vinyasa in Sun Salutation ‘B’
  2. There are 2 new postures added into the sequence ‘Utkatasana’ and Virabhadrasana ‘A’ both of which we repeat twice throughout the sequence
  3. We repeat Chatauranga three times in Sun Salutation ‘B’!
  4. We repeat Sun Salutation ‘B’ 3-5 times
  5. As for Sun Salutation ‘A’ each movement has its own corresponding breath.

This sequence is more challenging than Sun Salutation ‘A’ due to the extra postures. Take it slowly and add extra breaths if you need it to begin with. Rest when you need to rest.


Sophie X

Posted: 1st Jul 2016 / Yoga News / By Sophie Cleere

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